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Letting her roomate fuck her ass

Letting her roomate fuck her ass

Jade Jantzen stars in this Tushy video. Watch as she has her pussy fingered and ass fucked in this awesome video.

Suicide Squad Porn Music Video

Suicide Squad Porn Music Video

Suicide Squad is a movie that has taken the world by storm this summer, so there's nothing more fitting than an erotic music video themed after it to help get you through the day! Enjoy! 

Two cocks, in the same ass hole!!

Two cocks, in the same ass hole!!

This gorgeous babe takes 3 cocks, one in the mouth, and two in her asshole!

The Best Asa Akira Pics and Gifs!

Asa Akira is one of the most popular Asian adult film actresses ever.  Born to Japanese parents in New York, Asa moved to Japan when she was 9 and returned to America at the age of 13.  Enjoy these great Asa Akira pics, nudes, and porn gifs! 

Indian girl first time Anal

Indian girl first time Anal

This cute real  Indian girl has her anal virginity stripped from her in this erotic video. Enjoy! Looking for our porn tube site? Try FapGod, and visit our Indian/Desi section. 

Best of March 2016!

The month's are just flying by! It's already pretty much spring, and March has come to a close.  Soon it will be summer, fall, and then BOOM. Winter again.  Luckily for you, that means there's still 9 months left of awesome daily girls content, that's roughly 270 more posts (assuming

Girl gives excellent rim job


Well damn. This brave gorgeous cutie gives this lucky dude an epic rim job. Enjoy this shit!

The best Asa Akira gallery ever!

the best asa akira gallery ever

Asa Akira might be one of the most popular pornstar's of Asian descent.  To honor her beauty and excellent body of work, we decided to compile a massive galley of some of her hottest photos and gifs.  Enjoy! 

Today we launched our very own porn tube!

the best new porntube

Today we are pleased to announce that we have launched our very own porn tube loaded with TONS of videos for you to watch.  We love blogging about porn, but sometimes you just need a good old fashion porn tube to fap on, and we get it.  We are very excited to

Why it’s worth paying $1 for a porn site

the best porn for only 1 dollar

A while back we made a post called, Why the fuck would anybody pay for porn, and in that post we highlighted four of the top subscription pay for porn style sites, and also went into a little bit more detail of why someone might want to pay for their

The best of February 2016

the best porn posts of February 2016

It seems like the months are flying by, It feels like last week I was just typing up our best of 2015 showcase. Enough reminiscing though, lets get right into our top 5 posts of February 2016! Enjoy!  # 5 Her Body Is A Work Of Art  Russian babe Krystal Boyd’s body is a