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Titcoin, the future payment processor of the adult industry?

Imagine this scenario.  You’re up late at 11pm on a Friday night and your favorite cam model just came online.  You want to tip her whether its $3 or $30, but she lives in Japan and you live in the United States.  If you’ve ever found yourself in this scenario, or one like it, you’d probably agree that not only is it time consuming to send payment across the globe, but it actually costs money to you (the sender) and sometimes the model you’re sending it to doesn’t even get it directly!  Instead, it gets sent to whatever site she works with, they take their cut, probably charge her a bullshit processing fee, and then on TOP of that, she’s going to get taxed for it!  And yes, this is the entire process just for sending your favorite cam girl a tiny tip of even a mere five dollars. It’s likely you’ve heard of Bitcoin, a digital peer to peer currency that allows you to send coins with real monetary value almost instantly across the globe, but it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of TitCoin, a digital peer to peer currency designed entirely for the adult and porn industries.

Here is a brief description of TitCoin by the developers themselves, quoted directly from TitCoin’s well designed website

“Titcoin is a type of electronic cash that can be discreetly exchanged for adult products and services, and subsequently converted into fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars)

Titcoin transactions are securely processed on a decentralized computer network eliminating the need to use traditional financial services and payment processors (e.g. PayPal)

Titcoin is an extension of the Bitcoin protocol with enhancements specifically designed for online porn and adult entertainment transactions (e.g. 10x faster transaction speeds)”

What makes Cryptocurrency work is a willingness of the community to spread the ideas and technology associated with it freely.  As the proud owner of my own TitCoins, I found myself in a position to potentially educate and inform anyone and everyone who would be willing to listen, through the medium of this blog.  I gain nothing from sharing TitCoin with you, only my own satisfaction in knowing that I’ve at least done my part in educating and raising awareness about the future of money. TitCoin isn’t going to become the next widely used form of money for standard purchases like Bitcoin or Litecoin could, but what it does have a potential for is setting a standard of payment processing in the adult industry, and allow models, pornstars, and porn site owners to consequently take control of their own wealth.

This post briefly touches on the applications, uses, and technology for Titcoin.  If anything in this post has sparked your curiosity about the coin or Cryptocurrency and general, I can always be reached on Twitter for thoughtful questions about Cryptocurrency or Titcoin.  

If you’d like to donate a few Titcoin to our blog, feel free to send anything to our Titcoin address- 14zxxhUAf3VHpkvmTtBvz7ZisFte651rCd

For future reference, the USD value of Titcoin at the time of this post is $ 0.000555 per coin. 


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